My Rose Gold Obsession

With Christmas around the corner and me looking for gifts to give other people, I can’t help but notice all the stuff I’d like to get for myself (I know, talk about selfish). And there seems to be a theme going on: it’s all either white, grey or ROSE GOLD. I don’t know what it is about this metallic color but it has me drooling over everything! And don’t get me started on the combination of rose gold and marble! This trend started at the beginning of the year but it still has me head over heels nearing the end of it.

I thought I’d put some rose gold items I’m into this month (some that I have apparently ended up buying) into one post for you to check out. I could definitely add some more, but I have a feeling this post would go on forever…
A while back I saw this CLUSE watch over on Pinterest and couldn’t get over how beautiful it is!!

{La Roche Rose Gold White Marble/Grey Watch – Cluse 159,00€}

However, with that price tag and currently being unavailable online, I set out to find a nice substitution to fulfill my rose gold time appetite. And here is what I found! For a fraction of the price!! So simple and yet so pretty

{Rose Gold/White strap watch – Bijou Brijette 19,95€}

Let’s move onto the next category: Stationary!! From Christmas cards, to notebooks to paperclips!! Add a little rose gold and you got me!!

{Christmas Cards – Paperchase 6.00£}
{Notebooks – Primark 3,50€}
{Paperclips – Paperchase 1,99£}

And of course, let’s not forget rose gold and homeware!!

{Marble Coasters – Etsy 40,64€}
{Marble/Copper lid candle – Hardtofind 89.00€}
{Inspirational Print – Etsy 7,42€}
{Rose Gold Headphones – 200$}

What did I say?? Are they not all gorgeous?!

I’d love to see any rose gold items you’ve been loving this months. Please share in the comments below!

Sam xx



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